Announcing the PressureNet Developer Program

//Announcing the PressureNet Developer Program

Press Release

We’re pleased to announce our PressureNet Developer Program, where we are inviting mobile app developers to work with us on building our next-generation weather network – Apply now! Most smartphones now have built-in barometers, which could enable all apps to collectively measure and predict the weather! This new source of atmosphere data could provide a revolution in accurate weather forecasting, and app developers are playing a key role in kickstarting this revolution.

We’ve been building the tools to make this possible, and now is the time for us to invite you to to work with us! We’ve built a PressureNet SDK for Android that is already deployed on hundreds of thousands of phones and is collecting ~130M measurements per month. Apple is new to the barometer scene: the iPhone 6 is the first one with a barometer, and we’re really excited to work with you in developing an open platform for barometric pressure collection on iOS!

Our goal is to dramatically improve the accuracy of weather forecasts, and activating the potential of billions of internet-connected barometers is the first step. If you’re blown away by the possibilities of crowdsourcing sensor data, you should participate – together we can make a big impact.

APPLY to our Developer Program today and we’ll be in touch soon!