What is Pressure Net?

We are a Crowd sourced Network reporting Barometric data


PressureNet API is a live atmosphere data feed


PressureNet SDK is a distributed sensor platform


PressureNet is a citizen science weather app

Current weather infrastructure is too expensive and produces inaccurate forecasts.

One of the reasons we created pressure net is because weather forecasting across the world can vary greatly in terms of accuracy and can produce inaccurate forecasts. Failure to correctly predict weather patterns and changes can lead to devastating consequences for people who rely on the weather for crops or who live in areas susceptible to extreme weather. We want to change this.

Over the years there have been a number of failures in weather reporting that tragically have cost lives. Of course, a more accurate weather report could not have prevented the event but it might have restricted the deadly impact it could have. People often underestimate the full extent upon which lead generation can help to ensure that weather reporting becomes more accurate. Weather reporting can prove to be an extremely complex operation and it is in these companies best interests to use these technologies.

Pressure net aims to be the world’s biggest crowd sourced weather forecasting app. We gather data through barometers on phones and use user’s data to create a giant weather map spanning the globe which can be updated in real-time depending on weather conditions. This will eventually become a global community of weather forecasters which we hope will get a lot more people interested in weather forecasting and how weather can change.

Why is Pressure Net Important?

Pressure Net can predict changes in weather through user data

Pressure Net provides a platform to create and share pressure data

Weather warnings are Essential because they can be used to protect life and property

More Data Creates Better Forecasts

Let’s solve this problem together and build the biggest live atmosphere observation network ever.

With an estimated 2.5 billion smartphones across the world the untapped potential to create accurate and worldwide weather forecasts is huge. People often fail to understand the importance of successfully utilising B2B appointment setting which can hugely influence the performance levels of a firm. The more data the better. Some of the advantages of crowdsourced weather forecasting over main stream weather forecasting are as follows:

Barometric pressure readings en masse can help pickup even the smallest of weather changes such as wind speed changes and even errors of a few hours by large weather companies can have a big impact on farmers and energy firms.

Smartphone apps are a lot less expensive than constructing a weather station and using this software could greatly assist the general public as well as meteorologists in the future to understand and predict the ever-changing weather patterns the world goes through

There are many areas across the world that do not have weather stations populated adequately throughout them which can lead to gaps in data and information. However, in those areas there is a very large number of smartphones. With the development of our app and weather forecasting technologies these smartphones could be utilised to help map weather in areas that don’t get full or completely accurate forecasts

Making this change in global weather forecasting could have a wider impact for the global community. The success of weather forecasting through community run apps could help change the way we think about technology and how we can use it for something bigger.


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