Developers and Researchers

Android SDK

pressureNET is an open source platform for scientific data collection. We have built an SDK for Android that handles all sensor data collection, location management, and data transmission to the scientific community. The pressureNET app itself uses the SDK, and you can too! This SDK enables Android developers to include pressureNET’s core functionality inside their apps to collect and distribute Android sensor data. Weather forecast accuracy will increase as more developers include the SDK in their applications. Get an API key to get started, and please email us with questions or comments.

Data API

pressureNET provides a REST JSON API to retrieve live and archive data. It enables access to our global dataset of atmospheric pressure with simple HTTPS requests. In order to use these services, please sign up for an API key.

pressureNET Source Code

pressureNET is an open source project because we believe in sharing our work and enabling others to build on top of it. If you'd like to help us find and fix bugs, implement new features, or just play with it, check out the app code (and the SDK code) and let us know what you think.

Public Data

Our entire record of public data will be available on Amazon S3 soon.